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Los Angeles Money Laundering Defense Attorney

Charged with Violating California Penal Code Section 186.10 PC?

In 1986, Congress enacted the Money Laundering Crimes Act of 1986, for the express purpose of making it a federal offense to conduct transactions with money generated from "specified unlawful activity" such as drug trafficking.

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These statutes offer a complex scheme that result in offenses that carry substantial penalties, even when the funds laundered were not found together with any drugs or other illegal products.

Although the money laundering statutes were initially enacted as part of the Anti Drug Abuse Act of 1986, the reach of the offense is much greater than just money derived from drug trafficking. The money laundering statutes require that it be proven that the defendant know that property involved in the financial transaction represent "the proceeds of some form of unlawful activity." Specified unlawful activities include a whole host of crimes. Some of the conduct that comes within the definition of specified unlawful activities are those acts that qualify as offenses under Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO)(not less than 45 offenses), miscellaneous financial frauds against the government, federal narcotics offenses, and many others.

The penalties for money laundering are severe. The maximum punishment is 20 years per offense. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines calculations for determining the sentence are based on one of two possibilities: (a) the guidelines calculation that is obtained from the crime that provided the laundered funds or property, or (b) the actual value of the property alleged to be laundered. Probation is not prohibited, but the guidelines that advise the imposition of probation would probably require that the value of the property laundered be less than $10,000.00.

Money laundering is basically a financial crime, requiring the proper analysis of financial transactions, be they securities, banking, real estate, or any other. A Los Angeles criminal lawyer experienced in reviewing and analyzing these transactions is absolutely essential for the preparation of a proper and effective defense.

Our Los Angeles White Collar Crime Lawyers Can Help!

First and foremost, you need an attorney with extensive experience in the federal criminal system. Ideally, your attorney should focus exclusively on federal criminal defense.

Second, you need a defense team, not just a single attorney. Your team needs to be thorough, fast and responsive. The feds almost always have a head start against you in case preparation, so your team needs to catch up quickly to level the playing field.

The best time to get a defense team is when you first learn that you are under investigation. Even if the investigation is centered around someone else, if federal agents are talking to you, you need expert counsel immediately.

If charges have not yet been filed, our first goal is to prevent charges from being filed. We have a variety of specific techniques we use to accomplish this.

If charges are filed against you in federal court, it is critical that you have a defense team, not just an individual lawyer. Your defense team must have extensive trial experience in the federal court system. The federal courts are quite different from state courts not only in their procedures but also in the defense strategies and potential punishments.


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