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Embezzlement Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles

Arrested for Violation of California Penal Code 503?

Embezzlement is most commonly known as stealing from your employer. It occurs when an employee entrusted to protect money, property or other assets, illegally takes it for his/her own benefit. The majority of embezzlement cases occur in employment and corporate settings, when employees responsible for handling company assets unlawfully take it for themselves.

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Facing Theft Crime Charges

Theft crimes (also known as larceny) are among the most common criminal charges in America and affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year. If you have been charged with a theft crime, you must seek immediately seek legal counsel from an attorney with specific experience in theft crimes.

Theft crime penalties can be severe and often depend on the value of the property that is stolen. They can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies and can often involve the harshest prison sentences of any type of crime. In addition to the threat of criminal prosecution, someone accused of a theft crime can also be sued by the owner of the stolen property in civil court.

Why You Must Aggressively Defend California Theft Crime Charges

A theft crime charge must be vigorously defended. This is not the time to rely on a public defender who is overloaded with cases or be tempted by a plea bargain because it appears to be quick and easy. The consequences of a conviction go beyond the punishment can greatly limit your options for employment and even housing. Even the mere accusation of a theft crime can have a damaging effect on your personal and professional reputation. You cannot put a price on trust.

Our Results in Theft Crime Cases

We have developed specific strategies to defend theft crime charges. An effective defense may require psychological analysis, forensic accounting, private investigation and a number of other techniques aimed at an acquittal or a minimization of the charges. Sometimes, theft charges result from misunderstandings that can be resolved through negotiation with the accuser. Other times, demonstrating a strong case to the prosecution can result in a good result without having to do to trial.

All of this requires the extensive time and expertise that only an experienced theft defense team can provide. While most theft crime cases are settled without a trial, it is comforting to know a Criminal Defense Incorporated defense team will include experienced Los Angeles white collar crime lawyers who have a reputation for getting stunning results in the courtroom.

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