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Los Angeles Bank Fraud Defense Attorneys

Bank fraud refers to a form of theft or deception in which property owned or managed by a bank is knowingly obtained or attempted to be obtained based on false pretense or promises.

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Bank fraud charges are quite serious due to the combination of the severe sentencing guidelines based on the amount of proven financial damages and the dependence on complex financial records for one's defense. Often, the defendant has much less access to the required financial records than the prosecution.

There are many defenses that can be used when facing bank fraud charges. The outcome of your defense depends in large part on the amount of pre trial research, the defense strategies employed and the motivations of the prosecution. While banks are typically highly motivated to press charges in these cases, they are generally more interested in recovering missing funds. In many cases, it may be possible to reach a financial settlement that can minimize or avoid entirely prison time.

While serious prison time is one possible punishment, the most common penalty associated with most white collar crimes is restitution, the return of the money or property to the damaged parties. In addition to the return of the actual money or payment for property damages, the court can impose interest, fines or penalty assessment fees. This can result in high restitution penalties that can literally create a lifelong financial burden for the defendants in these cases.

An experienced Los Angeles white collar crime attorney can often be instrumental in minimizing these associated penalties and fines, saving the defendant thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. An experienced attorney can also help work out reasonable payment plans that actually allow for the defendant to pay the damages back over a reasonable time period, often while keeping the defendant out of jail or prison.

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Your lawyer should always consider the possibility of trial in your case, particularly if you did not commit the crime alleged. A trial does not only establish whether the crime was committed. It also is used to establish the amount of loss.

For example you may stipulate or admit to committing the crime of embezzlement to the tune of 5 thousand dollars; however your employer maintains that you are responsible for a 30 thousand dollar loss. The amount of actual loss may be an issue for trial.

Penalties for fraud charges can add up to substantial amounts of money and prison time in proportion to the financial losses caused by the fraud. An attorney with experience in white collar criminal defense can help not only in defending against the charges but also reducing the penalties.

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Remember it is up to the prosecution to prove the amount of actual loss. Here again a strong aggressive attorney along with his team of forensic accountants and experts can make all the difference in the world, in the results of your case!

Pre-trial preparation is the key to successful defense of white collar charges. Your defense team needs to have the experience and expertise to examine computer records to determine which records are relevant to your case and how they might be used to your defense. This investigation generally requires discovery motions to compel prosecutors, employers, banks and other institutions to turn over records that can be used in your defense.

Because of the time and specialized skills involved, mounting a successful defense requires defense team, not just a single attorney. Prosecutors generally do not pursue cases that they don't feel they can prove in trial. This is why it is critical to dig even deeper into your case than the prosecution and inject the reasonable doubt that will let you win in the courtroom if necessary.

In the event that it is not possible to disprove a specific charge against you, we can be extremely helpful at sentence reduction. The complexity of white collar cases creates many opportunities for plea bargains, and the lattitude that state court judges can have makes it possible to greatly reduce sentences and penalties.


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