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Los Angeles Federal Child Pornography Lawyer

The Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 defines "child pornography" to include any visual depiction of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct "whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical, or other means," and even if they have "been created, adapted or modified." The statute prohibits the possession, receipt and distribution of computer generated sexual images of children.

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Federal prosecutions of child pornography offenses have risen exponentially in the last 10 years since the passage of the statute. With the dramatic increase in computer usage, issues related to how law enforcement accessed computer files have received a great deal of attention from the courts.

The investigation of these cases are wide and varied. Sometimes there is an undercover operations in chat rooms where alleged sex predators roam with the police pretending to be young children or adults interested in child pornography. Other times law enforcement may obtain credit card records from websites known to publish child pornography, then search the homes and computers of members of the site for illegal images.

These crimes are prosecuted in both state and Federal court. If you are being investigated or have been arrested for child pornography, quick action is mandated.

The Los Angeles Sex Crime Defense Attorneys at CDI Can Help!

First and foremost, you need a Los Angeles federal offense attorney with extensive experience in the federal criminal system. Ideally, your attorney should focus exclusively on federal criminal defense.

Second, you need a defense team, not just a single attorney. Your team needs to be thorough, fast and responsive. The feds almost always have a head start against you in case preparation, so your team needs to catch up quickly to level the playing field.

The best time to get a defense team is when you first learn that you are under investigation. Even if the investigation is centered around someone else, if federal agents are talking to you, you need expert counsel immediately.

If charges have not yet been filed, our first goal is to prevent charges from being filed. We have a variety of specific techniques we use to accomplish this.

If charges are filed against you in federal court, it is critical that you have a defense team, not just an individual lawyer. Your defense team must have extensive trial experience in the federal court system. The federal courts are quite different from state courts not only in their procedures but also in the defense strategies and potential punishments.


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