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Los Angeles Federal Crime Defense Lawyer

The Federal Government and its agencies, including the FBI, DEA, ATF, Secret Service, Postal Inspectors, IRS, Customs, ICE., US Marshals and many others, have broad prosecutorial and investigatory powers.

If you were arrested for a Federal Crime, call us at (800) 458-1488 immediately!

  • Federal Child Pornography - The Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 prohibits the possession, receipt and distribution of computer generated sexual images of children.
  • Federal Appeals and Writs - A court of appeals reviews the trial record in order to determine whether there was some error that deprived the defendant of a fair trial.
  • Federal Drug Offenses - The government makes more arrests for drug related crimes than for any other category of criminal offense.
  • Health Care, Medicaid and Medicare Fraud - Any health care provider accused of fraud must hire the best defense attorneys available or risk losing their business to ill founded charges.
  • Mail and Wire Fraud - A scheme to defraud involving the use of the mail or wire (telephone, computers, etc.), for the purpose of executing the fraud.
  • Money Laundering - To conduct transactions with money generated from "specified unlawful activity" such as drug trafficking.
  • Mortgage Fraud/Real Estate Fraud - Mortgage fraud/real estate fraud involves schemes to defraud a federally insured lending institution (a bank).
  • Securities Fraud - A large part of CDI's practice is white collar crime defense.
  • Tax Fraud - Any person or entity that pays taxes can become a target of the IRS.

The Federal Government and its law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, DEA, ATF, Secret Service, Postal Inspectors, IRS, Customs, ICE., US Marshals and many others, have broad prosecutorial and investigatory powers. If a suspect is investigated, arrested or taken into federal custody by one of these agencies, the likelihood is that the case will be handled in a federal court before a federal judge.

Federal investigations are normally complicated and take considerable time, therefore suspects often know they are under investigation by federal law enforcement officials. It is important for suspects to be represented by counsel during a federal criminal investigation because they can often minimize their criminal exposure or avoid certain charges all together.

Therefore, if you suspect that you are being investigated by federal authorities, it is a serious matter and you should contact CDI immediately by calling (800) 458-1488. CDI has the attorneys, investigators, experts, experience and resources to represent you in any type of serious federal criminal case.

If you are convicted of a federal charge, you may be facing long prison sentences. Federal judges are very strict and almost always adhere to severe sentencing guidelines, and there is usually no chance for parole.

Our Los Angeles Federal Crime Lawyers Can Help!

First and foremost, you need a Los Angeles criminal attorney with extensive experience in the federal criminal system. Ideally, your attorney should focus exclusively on federal criminal defense.

Second, you need a defense team, not just a single attorney. Your team needs to be thorough, fast and responsive. The feds almost always have a head start against you in case preparation, so your team needs to catch up quickly to level the playing field.

The best time to get a defense team is when you first learn that you are under investigation. Even if the investigation is centered around someone else, if federal agents are talking to you, you need expert counsel immediately.

If charges have not yet been filed, our first goal is to prevent charges from being filed. We have a variety of specific techniques we use to accomplish this.

If charges are filed against you in federal court, it is critical that you have a defense team, not just an individual lawyer. Your defense team must have extensive trial experience in the federal court system. The federal courts are quite different from state courts not only in their procedures but also in the defense strategies and potential punishments.


If you've been accused of a crime, but NOT formally charged yet, call us immediately.


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