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Alternative Sentencing Explained by Los Angeles Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

DUI Alternative Sentencing in California

Drivers convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) face license suspensions, fines, attending a mandatory alcohol-education program, and jail time. Fortunately, the courts in Los Angeles have come up with alternatives to jail time for people who commit non-violent crimes. A DUI is a mistake that shouldn't affect your whole life. The law is finally agreeing.

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So, if you're facing DUI charges that could lead to a jail sentence, you need an experienced criminal defense team who knows and understands the alternative sentencing options. Losing your freedom to a jail sentence can hurt your job, your marriage, and your life. You need to call at Los Angeles DUI attorney at Criminal Defense Incorporated before it's too late.

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What is Alternative Sentencing?

There aren't a lot of things worse than going to jail. A jail sentence has a purpose: to punish violent criminal offenders. The California legal system believes that people charged with non-violent crimes, including DUI, would benefit from a punishment different than jail. This is why alternative sentences are available.

What Are the Alternatives Sentences to Jail?

For some crimes and criminals, jail time isn't always the best sentence. Many California judges agree that alternative sentences to jail can benefit not only the person charged with the crime, but the greater community. People who have been convicted of a crime for the first time are usually the best candidates for an alternative sentence. Here are some of the alternative sentences an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer can recommend:

  • Sober Living Houses - Under Penal Code Section 2900.5, the court can sentence you to live in a sober living house where you'll have to participate in a rehab counseling program.
  • Work Furlough - Under California Penal Code Sections 6260-6266, the court can allow you to keep going to work during the day, but at night you have to report to a court authorized location (like your home or parent's home).
  • Electronic Monitoring - In some situations, the court will put restrictions on where you can go and when. People fitted with an electronic monitoring device (usually worn around the ankle) are able to go to school and work, but not anywhere else. If you travel outside your permitted area or after the permitted time, the police are notified.

Anyone charged with drunk driving needs a Los Angeles defense attorney who'll do everything and anything possible to minimize a sentence. This is why you need to call Criminal Defense Incorporated. We're fighters.

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In many DUI situations, alternative sentences are a better option for the court, the community, and our clients. We've helped thousands of people get their sentences reduced. Let us help you stay out of jail today.

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