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Client Testimonials

At Criminal Defense Incorporated, we take pride in the work we have done and the way in which we have helped our clients through difficult times. We have helped thousands of people just like you, and below are a few letters written by some of our happy clients.


Mr. Lewin I don't know what to say, you saved my life. We made it. We came a long way didn't we? When this thing started you were looking for direct evidence to vindicate me. Well guess what? God gave you a harder challenge. You were excellent in your closing argument. Dershowitz himself should be jealous of your closing argument, not in terms of what you said, but the way you delivered, a talented performance, amazing. Are you sure you don't want to be in the motivation business? I love you Chad. We went through a lot between April 7 and November 29. At some points I was on the verge of breaking, you just see me in pain and you tell me, "let's win this thing" or something like "we are going to win, just go home and get some sleep". We lifted each other's spirit. Again, thank you for your help, your kindness and your support. You are a good and noble man.

Mr. Lewin: Thank you for your help. We all highly appreciate your kindness, honesty, and moral support. We would never be able to get through this without your guidance and professonalism. Thank You for being there for us in our time of need.

A few years back I had gotten into a fight in a public place, then left the scene before police arrived. HUGE mistake, as the other party, while equally responsible for the altercation, proceeded to make up a bunch of things to the police. I was eventually charged with six counts - including assault with a deadly weapon - and was facing some serious trouble, even the possibility of jail time.

I ended up meeting with three different attorneys to discuss my case. Fortunately, one of them was Chad Lewin. The other two I had met were very pessimistic given the charges, and thought my only hope was to take my chances at trial (which I strongly wanted to avoid). Mr. Lewin was different. He believed in me, he assured me of his professional relationships with the prosecutors at the court where my case was assigned, and strongly felt he could get most of the charges dropped. I even had my girlfriend (an employment law attorney) speak to him, and she was equally impressed.

In the end, Mr. Lewin did exactly what he said he'd do. I ended up pleading to a single misdemeanor count (which I was okay with, given I didn't mind taking responsibility for my part in what actually happened in this whole ordeal), and only had to do some community service. All in all, I'm very pleased with the outcome and feel that Chad Lewin really did make a difference. I can't recommend him enough!

Mr. Lewin is a life saver!! I was falsely accused of rape by a girl I'd gone on a couple of dates with and then never called. I don't have to explain how shocking and scary a rape charge can be. I met with a few other criminal attorneys. They rushed me through what felt like a cattle call meeting. They seemed more concerned about getting their retainer, than my well being.

Then I found Mr. Lewin. He made me feel relieved and relaxed after our first in-person meeting. He was very patient and understanding of my situation and seemed to care. He took the time to listen to me and asked me a lot of questions about the dating relationship and the girl that made the accusations. He then explained the entire process going forward and realistically what to expect. Immediately he got his investigator to start looking into the accuser. Well it turned out she had made other accusations and had a criminal history herself. Mr. Lewin took that information to the district attorney and got my case DISMISSED! I cannot tell you how much I owe Mr. Lewin.

He saved me from losing my career, my family, and my reputation. I cannot recommend Mr. Lewin enough. Do yourself a favor and at least call him before deciding on an attorney. Trust me, they're not all the same!

In the most difficult of times, I found undoubtedly the best possible attorney to represent my son. Chad Lewin invested countless hours working and strategizing on my son's case. He was at every court date and appeared even when he was not required to be present. Hence, he was able to significantly reduce the sentence in the case. Chad demonstrated not only his superior ability as an attorney, but a compassionate, caring and supportive disposition. He was a huge source of emotional support for my son as well as for me. I am truly grateful to have had such caring man and an outstanding attorney representing the case.

Chad got the charges dismissed for me on a Possession for Sale charge. He's amazing!!! Thank you!!!

My 25 year old son was going to be charged with felony vandalism. Mr Lewin convinced the D.A. to file the charge as a misdemeanor and then when he went to court told us he worked out a deal with the D.A. to be charged with a lesser crime of disturbing the public which carried a lower sentence of 1 year probation vs. 3 years. The co-defendant who went with the P.D. didnt get an offer because the P.D. didnt event talk to the D.A. Mr Lewin was an answer to many prayers. I would recommend him without hesitation.


Chad is a great Lawyer who actually cared about the outcome of my case. I felt heard, and he understood that being locked up in State Prison was simply unnacceptable. He also examined the whole case comprehensively and did not judge or assume that I was guilty. In fact I was being accused of serious crimes that were not true, and the District Attorney wanted to go all the way even with "victims" who contradicted themselves over and over. He challenged the D.A. to go to trial on a charge they just assumed was true. He then sent his Investigators over and they obtained a statement from her that completely destroyed her credibility. I think most importantly Chad cared enough about me, got to know my Family, and knew how much I had to lose. He got results without charging me a fortune.

Thanks Chad - Doug
(Love to see you again under better circumstances)

Mr. Lewin: As an attorney, I chose your firm because I had been charged with a crime that had potentially devastating ramifications for my career. From the very first meeting with Chad Lewin, I was impressed with his prodigous knowledge of legal doctrines and issues, and from that moment on, I was convinced that the right firm was handling my case. Although a long and arduous process, I know that the successful resolution of my case was due to your firm's painstaking attention to detail and steadfast commitment to attaining nothing short of complete victory. In my opinion, you provide nothing short of superlative representation.

Chad: I appreciate your great job to save my boyfriend. I'm really glad to have you represent him. You are such a kind and reliable attorney. Thank you for your help. We wish you a great holiday and a lot of success and love.

To Everyone at CDI-

During our time of crisis, we spoke with many attorneys. Some used scare tactics and others tried to judge us and question our behavior. There are many attorneys, but there are very few experienced and professional attorneys like Mr. Lewin and his team. He personally took the time to speak with us, understand us, and get us through our time of crisis - and with a great result too!

My son was arrested and charged with selling methamphetamines along with some other charges. Chad got some charges reduced to simple possession, others dropped, kept him out of jail and into a drug rehab center which is what he needed. I highly recommend Chad Lewin for any criminal charges you or your loved ones face. He is an excellent lawyer.

Mr. Lewin,

Thank you for all your help!! We all highly appreciate your kindness, honesty, and moral support. We would never be able to get through this without your guidance and professionalism. Thank you for being there for us in our time of need!


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