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White Collar Crime

How Can I Defend Against an Accusation of Identity Theft in Los Angeles?

By Chad Lewin on October 4, 2016

credit-card-fraudBeing accused of any crime is a serious situation, but identity theft is a particularly nasty accusation to face. In California, identity theft is known as a “wobbler,” which means it can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the details of the case and how the prosecutor chooses to proceed. Both charges are serious, and there are Federal anti-identity theft laws in place that can result in a Federal charge as well. No matter what, if you have been accused of identity theft, call an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you and protect your rights.

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What’s The Motivation – Los Angeles Embezzlement & Workplace Theft

By Chad Lewin on March 3, 2016

We’ve all been there – arriving home from a long day at work, you realize that you’ve pocketed a piece of office stationary or equipment. For many people, workplace theft stops at the stationary closet. However, in some instances, office thieves are compelled to steal bigger and more expensive items. Why? What compels an individual to take such a risk and jeopardize their livelihood?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that on-the-job theft costs American businesses and workers almost $50 billion annually. Additionally, the government estimates that roughly 75% of the national workforce has stolen from their employer at one point or another. A great deal of research has gone into discovering what motivates a person to commit embezzlement. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast answer. Each situation as unique as the company it concerns. Read the rest »

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