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Hiring a Defense Lawyer? 5 Questions to Ask

By Chad Lewin on March 20, 2018


Hiring the right lawyer can be stressful. But not as stressful nor as terrifying as the thought of facing those DUI or criminal charges on your own. That’s where a defense lawyer comes in. Read on for a list of questions to ask before you hire legal help:

Do you have references?

Requesting for a list of references can help you get to know the lawyers on your short list. But don’t make the mistake that a lot of clients make. Instead of tossing that list into your drawer and forgetting about it, ring those numbers up. Talk to former clients or current ones. Ask for their feedback. What was their experience like? What kind of issues or problems—especially involving money and payment—came up, if there were any? Whatever their answers are will determine a huge part of your hiring decisions.

What’s your consultation process?

A lot of attorneys offer consultation services for free or, at the very least, at a low cost. That’s encouraging. However, don’t feel like you need to go with the first one you find. Choose a lawyer because you know you can trust that person to help you the best way he can. Look for someone reliable and trustworthy like Chad Lewin, a defense lawyer who’s handled thousands of cases. With that kind of experience, you know you’re in good, capable hands.

What services can I expect?

If you aren’t familiar with the responsibilities and tasks of a defense lawyer, ask. Experienced legal counsels like Chad Lewin, a defense lawyer with plenty of experience in the field, will have no problem providing you with the answers you need. By asking about it, you can easily clarify a few things and avoid any misconceptions before proceeding with the hiring process.

How will they bill you?

It might feel awkward about sorting these things out early on. But a clearly laid out payment arrangement will ease your mind, says the Huffington Post, as well and lets you know if you can afford the lawyer’s services or not.

How comfortable are you?

Hiring the best lawyer won’t do you any good if you and your legal counsel aren’t on the same page. If you feel you and your lawyer aren’t meeting eye to eye on a number of things or if you feel disrespected or taken advantage of in any way, walk away.

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