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6 Easy Ways to Know If You’re Hiring the Right Legal Counsel

By Chad Lewin on March 8, 2018

clown-craze When you’re charged with a crime, the smart way to handle that is to hire a lawyer. But while there’s no shortage of legal talent out there, finding the right one can take a bit more time and effort. Here’s how to go about hiring legal help:

Get referrals

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a skilled and reputable lawyer. Recommendations from people you know and whose judgment you trust can help you find quality legal talent faster.

Identify your legal problems

The nature of your legal problems will, more or less, influence the type of legal counsel you’re going to need by your side. It would be prudent to look for someone like Chad Lewin, a lawyer who has the expertise and expertise in the practice areas you need such as criminal law.

Know who you’re hiring

Lawyers specialize in different fields of law. You’ll want to check if you’re hiring someone with relevant experience to your case, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says. Consider the bulk of the client’s past cases. If you need a defense lawyer, then hiring a general practitioner isn’t going to cut it. You need experts like Chad Lewin, a lawyer with experience in both Federal as well as State courts. That kind of record and ease will ensure better chances for a successful outcome in your case.

Look at the lawyer’s record

Does your lawyer have a record for successfully settling cases in court? That’s a good marker that you’re hiring someone who’s right for the job. A spotty record, on the other hand, should be more than enough to convince you to look for help elsewhere.

Ask about case scope

Some lawyers aren’t happy taking on small cases. Make sure that’s not the case when you hire a trial lawyer to represent you in court and help you fight against unjust criminal charges.

Determine case load

Even the best lawyers will have a hard time paying the necessary time and attention to your case if they’re busy and tied up with too many cases on their plate. Ask about the lawyer’s workload early on. That way, if your lawyer keeps putting meetings off or can’t seem to focus on your case, you know it’s time to leave and hire a better one.

If you want someone with the skill, experience and dedication to help you, talk to our lawyers at Criminal Defense Incorporated.

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