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6 Ways to Know If You Chose a Good Lawyers

By Chad Lewin on April 29, 2018

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If you’re charged with a crime, the best thing you can do is to find legal representation. Here’s how to know if your lawyer is any good.

He cares
When you consult with a lawyer and tell your story, is the lawyer interested? Does he care? A good lawyer pays attention, asks questions, and seriously considers your case before deciding whether he can take it or not. If that’s not the case, then you’ll be better off looking for legal help elsewhere.

He’s trained and experience
There is no substitute for experience. And that rings true in your situation. Hiring a lawyer who’s had years of experience in putting together defense strategies, representing clients in courts, and winning cases is a smart move to make. If that’s the kind of legal help you want, then a lawyer like Chad Lewin fits the bill.

He’s tenacious
The best lawyers don’t give up. They won’t leave any stone unturned. They’ll examine everything, from the police report to the case files to make sure they didn’t miss a detail that could be used in your defense. By hiring someone who knows and does what it takes to win your case, you have a much better chance of getting the outcome you and your loved ones want.

He knows the other team
A lawyer like Chad Lewin has been in practice for years. That means he likely knows the people on the prosecution’s side. That gives him insight into how they think, which can be an advantage in court. By hiring someone who has a good relationship with the other players in the case, your lawyer can use whatever he knows about the prosecution team to plan and put together a better defense plan.

He doesn’t care if you’re guilty
A lot of defense lawyers know their clients are guilty and they don’t care, the Huffington Post says. But what matters to them is ensuring that their client’s rights are respected and that they are treated fairly and humanely. That’s the kind of lawyer you’ll want to have on your side as well.

He gives you good advice
A lawyer who looks out for your interests will constantly remind you to exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. He will also provide you with as much information as you need to make a good decision.
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