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5 Reasons to Get a Defense Lawyer for Your DUI Case

By Chad Lewin on May 2, 2018

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Do you really need a lawyer if you find yourself facing DUI or DWI charges? Here’s how to know when you need to hire one.

This is your first arrest
If this is your first arrest and you’re terrified about what may happen or at the thought of spending time behind bars, then hiring a lawyer can clear up a lot of the confusion and anxiety you feel.

This is not your first arrest
If you’ve been charged before, then you may end up with a harsher sentence and higher fees this time around. A lawyer can help reduce your sentence and penalties, though. That’s going to mean less money out of your pocket. It could also save you from jail time.

You’re guilty
If you’re guilty of driving under the influence and there’s evidence that your alcohol intake was very high, then you’ll need a lawyer to help you get out of that bind. If you’re guilty, the least of your worries will be paying the stiff fines. You could end up with a harsher sentence and spend time in jail, says the DMV. If you don’t like that, then getting the assistance of a good lawyer is crucial. In that light, you’ll want to consult with Chad Lewin, a defense lawyer who uses his experience, training, and skill to help people like you. He will do what he can to reduce your sentence and fines. With a lawyer like him by your side, you can count ton the fact that you’ll be treated fairly and humanely in court.

You don’t understand the law
Simply saying yes to a question may affect your case. You’ll want to hire a lawyer so you’ll have someone there to guide you and tell you what to do. Is it all right if you say this? What if you mention this? Your lawyer will keep you from blurting out anything that may hurt your chances in court.

You’re not guilty
If you’ve been unfairly charged, then hiring a tenacious defense lawyer like Chad Lewin is the best move you can make for your defense. With a lawyer who doesn’t quit, you’ll stand a much better chance of winning the case and clearing your name. With the help of a lawyer, you can have those charges dropped.

Facing a DUI charge? Get legal help. Call us Criminal Defense Inc. and book a consultation today.

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