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7 Factors to Consider When You Hire a Lawyer

By Peter Gregory on August 6, 2018

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The importance of hiring the right legal help cannot be overstated. If you need one, consider the following factors to help you check out prospective lawyers on your list.

Track record

What kind of track record does the attorney have? If the attorney has ever been subjected to disciplinary action before, then you may need to consider other options. It’s smart to get up to speed before you think of getting that attorney for your case.


Good reviews are a good indication that you’ve picked the right legal help. Bad reviews are also helpful since they keep you from making a hiring decision that could backfire on you.


When you finally hire someone to represent you in court, look for a lawyer like Chad Lewin. With experience gleaned from years of managing and dealing with criminal cases, this is one attorney you know you can count on to provide you with the best defense possible.


That’s always a given. Make sure the lawyer you hire has had the necessary education and training before you go any further with the hiring process. Cover your bases by digging into your attorney’s background and ensuring that he has the qualifications to get the job done and done right.


Not all cases require the assistance of a lawyer. But even misdemeanor charges could get you fined thousands or sent to jail for a few hours or days. A lawyer can keep you from going behind bars and can do a lot to reduce the amount of the fines and charges you’ll pay. Those are pretty good reasons to seek out legal help.


It matters whether you like the person or not, the Thumbtack Journal says. Keep in mind that your attorney will need to work on your behalf. If you think you can’t trust yours or if yours doesn’t seem dedicated to your case, then you’ll be better off hiring someone else.


Are you and your attorney on the same page? Hire a lawyer like Chad Lewin, who knows how important is it to respond to calls and messages promptly. If your attorney takes a day or two to respond to you, then that’s far from ideal. Choose a better lawyer to stand up for you in court. If you need one, contact us at Criminal Defense Inc. today. As a team of experienced and dedicated legal experts, we’ll do the best we can to turn your case around.

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