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Five California DUI Alternative Sentence Options

By Chad Lewin on February 18, 2016

An experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney can help you explore possible alternative sentences to jail. Alternative sentences can be just as effective as jail time, but still allow people to keep their jobs and get the alcoholism treatment they need. Many California judges agree that alternative sentences benefit both the state and the DUI offender. Below are the most common alternative sentence options.

Electronic Monitoring

Under California Penal Code Section 1203.017, when a county jail facility becomes too overcrowded, misdemeanor level inmates can be required to serve out the remainder of their sentence confined to their homes. This is also called “House Arrest.” Under this sentence, you’ll have to wear an electric monitor bracelet around your ankle. It monitors where you are at all times.

Work Release

In this alternative sentence, the Probation Department assigns you a place to work. During the day, you report to the site, but you get to go home at night. This program is called a Community Work Program (CWP) designed to relieve jail overcrowding and provide workers for county maintenance services. Most work release programs involve being assigned to keep parks, beaches, and other public areas clean.

Work Furlough

This alternative sentence is called “private jail.” In this situation, lets you keep your job during the day, but each night you have to report to a dorm-type facility with other offenders. This sentence isn’t free. People who explore this option have to pay for their housing.

Alcohol and/or Drug Rehabilitation

In many DUI convictions, the arrest was rock-bottom for someone who really has a problem with alcohol or drugs. In cases where a jail sentence might not be the best for someone in need of rehabilitation, an attorney might be able to get you into a treatment program instead of jail. These programs usually last a minimum of 90 days.

Sober Living Houses

Another type of rehabilitation program is a sober living house. In these locations, all residents are sober and have to stay that way to remain in the house. Residents usually attend daily 12 step meetings, participate in sober group activities, and perform chores. Many repeat DUI offenders who’ve had trouble with past treatment attempts find this a helpful environment.

Contact an Experienced DUI Attorney

Criminal Defense Incorporated can help you pursue these alternative DUI sentences. We’ve been there for many clients struggling through this difficult time. Contact us today at (800) 458-1488.

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