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Mandatory vs. Optional DUI Tests In California

By Chad Lewin on February 26, 2016

If you quizzed the average motorist on which DUI tests are mandatory and which are optional, you’d probably hear some different answers. It is safe to assume that a vast majority of the motoring public would believe that ALL tests administered by police officers are mandatory. For most people, when a patrolman pulls them over, the blood pressure rises and they’ll do just about anything the officer asks – even tests that are completely voluntary.

Let us be clear here – there are a number of tests administered by the police at a DUI checkpoint and stops that are 100% optional. Read the rest »

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Five California DUI Alternative Sentence Options

By Chad Lewin on February 18, 2016

An experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney can help you explore possible alternative sentences to jail. Alternative sentences can be just as effective as jail time, but still allow people to keep their jobs and get the alcoholism treatment they need. Many California judges agree that alternative sentences benefit both the state and the DUI offender. Below are the most common alternative sentence options.

Electronic Monitoring

Under California Penal Code Section 1203.017, when a county jail facility becomes too overcrowded, misdemeanor level inmates can be required to serve out the remainder of their sentence confined to their homes. This is also called “House Arrest.” Under this sentence, you’ll have to wear an electric monitor bracelet around your ankle. It monitors where you are at all times. Read the rest »

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