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How to Deal with DUI Charges

By Peter Gregory on August 9, 2018

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You’ve been charged with a DUI. And you’re wondering if you could get those charges to drop. While it is possible, it can be a difficult process.

Why should I pursue this?

There are plenty of reasons to get those DUI charges dropped. If it was a misunderstanding, the result of an equipment malfunction or any other misstep that generated that outcome, then you’ll want to clear your name.

Is it possible to get those charges dropped?

If you were arrested under discriminatory conditions, if the officer didn’t have a valid reason for stopping your car or the arrest didn’t happen by the book, then you stand a strong chance of getting those charges dropped, Driving Laws says. Your lawyer will check for these and will ask you more questions to determine whether you have been unfairly treated during the trial or not.

How can I make it happen?

You’ll need the help of an experienced defense lawyer like Chad Lewin. If you want to get those charged dropped and get solid evidence for your case in court, then hiring a lawyer is a must.

How will a lawyer help my case?

A dedicated defense lawyer like Chad Lewin can protect and fight for your rights. He, along with his legal team, will assess your case, investigate the incident and find out evidence or proof to help turn things around in court. Your lawyer is also there to provide you with legal guidance and support. If there’s anything you don’t understand about what’s happening, you can count on your attorney to provide you with an explanation to get up to speed on the case developments. A good lawyer will also take the time to explain several ways to tackle your case along with the possible consequences of each option, so you have a clearer understanding of what you will agree to, should you settle for this approach or that.

How to find legal help?

Hire a lawyer with plenty of experience in the field. Look for someone whose legal practice has focused on resolving and winning criminal cases. Once you’ve established the basics, then consider other factors. Do you see your lawyer working hard on your case? Or does the lawyer keep missing deadlines in court? If your attorney has too much on his plate, then your case isn’t getting the attention it needs.

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