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Why Being a Creepy Clown in Los Angeles, CA is Not a Laughing Matter

By Chad Lewin on November 28, 2016

clown-crazeFor most people, thoughts of clowns conjure up images of big red noses, rainbow hair, and bright smiles. However, in light of the recent creepy clown craze that has swept the nation, clowns have become more synonymous with threats of criminal behavior than with children’s birthday parties. Because of the menacing nature of this clown phenomenon, people are not taking it as a joke when any type of mischief is reported. As copycat clowns increase in numbers and continue to spread out into new states, so does the fear that is setting in among the public.

In turn, law enforcement seems to be cracking down on those who have taken on a clown persona and are perceived to have even the slightest notion of performing a criminal act. With clown sightings reaching the Southern California area, this means anyone who has the idea to clown around must be prepared for the consequences. Criminal charges are no laughing matter, and it will take experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys to get them dropped or reduced.

Potential Charges Against Creepy Clowns

Regardless if someone is donning a clown mask all in good fun or with actual sinister intent, there is the potential that they could face accusations of criminal activity. The most likely charges to be brought against a creepy clown include:

  • Criminal Threats: California Penal Code 422 PC prohibits criminal threats, which refers to the intentional act of making someone scared for their life. These are undeniable and specific threats of physical harm that can be verbal, handwritten, or communicated over an electronic device. This can be filed as a misdemeanor or felony charge depending on the circumstances. With so many people on edge, threats made by creepy clowns are being taken very seriously.
  • Criminal Trespassing: California Penal Code 602 PC outlaws criminal trespassing, stating that no one can enter onto someone else’s property without their permission. This is typically a misdemeanor that can carry a sentence of a fine and/or a short-term stay in the county jail. There have been accounts of clowns allegedly wandering onto properties without consent, so there is heightened awareness among property owners.

Expert Criminal Defense of Clowns

At Criminal Defense Incorporated, our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys have a long history of helping people that have been accused of a wide variety of criminal acts. If you have been charged with clown-related misconduct, contact us as soon as possible at (310) 442-5505 or toll free at (800) 458-1488 for a consultation.


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