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Taking Some of the Sting Out of the Experience of Being Arrested

By Chad Lewin on May 27, 2018

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There are few experienced more potentially traumatizing than being arrested. Whether it’s the embarrassment of being publicly seized and taken into legal custody or the feeling of fear and panic that results when you realize you need legal help, no one enjoys submitting to arrest. Understanding what is happening and what your rights can help you minimize this displeasure, though, and help make the entire experience quicker, easier and less impactful on your life, overall.

Remember: Arrest is Not a Sentence

For many people, simply being arrested can feel like a jail sentence. However, hundreds of thousands of Americans have been arrested and later released with little or no lasting impact on their criminal record or their life. If you are suspected of a crime or a police officer feels that they have the need to question you about something, cooperate, use your right to silence if necessary, and above all, remember that your arrest is not a legal assumption of guilt.

Get Your Lawyer on the Phone Right Away

One of the best ways to minimize the embarrassment, stress and upset that comes with being arrested and interrogated by police is by involving an experienced legal professional early and consulting them often. A well-versed lawyer on your side will not only help you navigate the litigation process but will also assist you in preserving your liberty and dignity in the process. While you likely know that you shouldn’t go to trial without a lawyer at your side, you might not even want to sit down with the cops until you’ve called one.

For the typical citizen, this means consulting an attorney despite having little to no experience with one previously. This can be stressful, but contacting the right legal professional can also help set your mind at ease. Call Chad Lewin, attorney of Los Angeles, California for the legal guidance and advice you need. When you find yourself faced with the possibility of dealing with litigation, Chad Lewin is an attorney that can help California locals preserve as much of their sanity as possible – all in addition to getting you the legal results you’re hoping for.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Make your encounter with the law as smooth and stress-free as possible by contacting your nearby legal professional as early as possible. You’ll be glad you did!

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