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6 Things to Know If Your Child is Charged with a DUI

By Chad Lewin on May 1, 2018

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Your child has been involved in a DUI. If your kid has been charged and you’re wondering if you need to engage the services of a lawyer, here’s why the answer is yes.

Your kid isn’t perfect
That said, your kid makes mistakes. If he drove while under the influence, he’ll need to be punished and made accountable for his actions. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to leave him to his own devices.

You’ll need help
You want the best for your kid. That means hiring a lawyer, first thing. You’ll want to consult with Chad Lewin, a defense attorney with years of experience defending clients in court. Knowing that you have an expert to help your child will go a long way to ease a lot of your anxiety and worry about what may happen to your kid.

Stay calm
It can be tough to talk to your child without recriminations. But blaming him for getting into trouble won’t help. Stay calm, Forbes suggests. Don’t jump to conclusions. Ask your child what happened. Don’t try to think of the situation being worse or better than it is. These thoughts won’t help. Instead, do your best offer your support. Be there for him. At this point, your child is probably scared. Give him the reassurance that you’re doing what you can to help you get out of the legal situation he’s found himself in.

Be polite
When you talk to the police, be polite. Be respectful and courteous. It’s not going to help your child’s case if you call them names. That’s only going to create ill will.

Your rights are limited
If your child is questioned, he has a right to request for a lawyer. But he doesn’t require a parent to be present. This may be up to the discretion of the investigating officer or the officer’s superiors. That’s why being polite and respectful come in handy. If you want to watch that interview, talk to the officers.

Don’t play lawyer
Unless you are one, it’s best that you don’t play lawyer to your kid. Give your child the best possible advantage by calling Chad Lewin, a defense attorney with an exemplary record for defending and winding cases in court. Hiring an experienced lawyer will ease some of your worries, knowing your child is getting the legal advice and assistance he needs.

If your child is in trouble today, don’t hesitate to call us at Criminal Defense Inc.

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