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5 Ways to Wipe Your Criminal Record Clean

By Peter Gregory on July 7, 2018

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A spotty record can have lifelong consequences for you. It could hurt your prospects or keep you from getting a license in certain fields. If you have a conviction on record, you may want to have it expunged. Here’s how.

Ask for help

Talk to a lawyer. Someone with experience as an expungement attorney like Chad Lewin makes for the ideal choice. By getting help, you can look forward to having your criminal record wiped clean. That matters. It can improve your chances of getting work in the future.

Consult with a lawyer

If you’re determined to have your criminal slate wiped clean, you’ll need to consult with a lawyer. Your attorney will take a long look at your case, study every detail, and figure out the odds of you winning an expungement case, the DMV says.

Complete the paperwork

Seeking out expungement requires a ton of paperwork. That’s a task your lawyer can help you out with. Completing the paperwork and filling up any necessary forms properly can be a bit of a challenge. Your lawyer can review everything to make sure everything has been properly filled out, and that information is correct. Keep in mind that inaccurate information could hurt your chances of winning the case, so it’s best that you hire an experienced attorney like Chad Lewinto help you out.

Answer your questions

Don’t quite understand what’s happening? Your lawyer is there to provide you with all the answers you need. That matters. By having a lawyer you can rely on to help you get a clear grasp of events in court, you know what those developments may mean for you and your expungement case.

Represent you in court

Your lawyer is going to go with you to the court hearing and represent you in court. By having someone to speak on your behalf, your lawyer can make a persuasive argument in your defense. A lawyer with excellent persuasion skills in the courtroom, then, can do a lot to help you wipe your criminal record clean.

Getting help

These are just five tips to help you expunge crimes from your official record. If you find yourself seeking expungement, improve your chances of winning the case. Look for a lawyer to give you the best advantage in court. If you need someone to represent you, talk to us. At Criminal Defense Incorporated, we provide legal help and services that fit your needs.

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