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4 Hiring Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Case

By Peter Gregory on August 7, 2018

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Choosing a lawyer is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make if you ever find yourself facing charges in court. Hiring mistakes, though, could cost you a lot. Check out the following examples of mistakes clients routinely make so you’ll know what to avoid.

You hire a relative

Your relative may be a lawyer, but if s/he doesn’t have any experience with criminal cases, then you could be setting your case to fail. Don’t do this. If you end up being wrongfully convicted because of a poor hiring decision, it will have life-long consequences for your personal and professional life. Don’t let a hiring mistake cost you your future, Work in Pajamas says. Get a trained and experienced attorney like Chad Lewin. With plenty of years of experience dealing with and winning criminal cases in court, you can count on Crime Defense Inc.’s lawyers to have the qualifications and credentials you need.

You don’t dig into the data

Before you hire legal help, take the time to study the background and work history of the lawyer. Knowing all this information will help you determine whether your lawyer has what it takes to prepare for your case, stand up for your rights in court and have your charges dismissed. If you don’t do any research, you could miss out on details that would have led you to the right hiring decision.

You don’t check his reputation

When you hire an attorney, find out what kind of reputation he has in the field and community. You could go online and check for feedback and reviews. What kind of comments have people bothered to leave behind? Are they positive ones, praising the lawyer’s performance in court and ability to put together a strong defense. Or are the reviews bad? Are many of the clients satisfied with the lawyer they hired? These reviews can help you get to know a prospective attorney.

You don’t ask hard questions

Once you’ve gone through all this, book a consultation with the lawyer. Make it a habit to prepare a list of questions. Doing so will help you keep the interview on track. Find an attorney like Chad Lewin, who isn’t afraid to answer any questions you have and who will be honest with you regarding your chances in court. At Criminal Defense Inc., we provide you with all the information you need because we want you to make the best decision possible.

Don’t make these hiring mistakes. If you’re ready to get help, contact us at Criminal Defense Inc. today.

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