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You’ve Been Charged with a DUI: What’s Next?

By Peter Gregory on August 8, 2018

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You’ve been driving under the influence, and you’ve just been caught by the police. If they’re charged you with a DUI, you may be wondering about what will happen next and what you can do to deal with the situation.

What’s a DUI?

A drunk driving charge is regarded as a misdemeanor in many states. However, those charges can be enhanced, depending on several factors, very well says. Meaning, you could end up with penalties or a sentence that could turn out to be much more severe than the average.

What are those factors?

If someone was hurt, seriously injured or even died because of the accident, that misdemeanor charge could easily get bumped down by felony charges. This is the usual case for drivers under the influence who run a red light and end up colliding with another vehicle. If you’re driving under the influence and you get rear-ended, though, you could get off with a lighter sentence. If you have a suspended license while driving, have high alcohol levels in your bloodstream or have prior DUI convictions and driving with kids in the car while under the influence could all make your charges worse.

You’ll need a lawyer

Don’t let things spiral out of control. Take charge of the situation right from the start by hiring Chad Lewin, defense attorney. With years of experience in helping clients and turning their lives around, you can count on him to provide you with a solid defense. With the right legal help by your side, you can breathe a little easier, knowing someone’s got your back.

You’ll lose your license

You’ll have your driving privileges revoked and your license suspended. These are going to go on your record and restrict your freedom. If no one got hurt in the accident, only you and a streetlight or lamp post, then you’ll end up with a light sentence. Your lawyer can help you get your driving privileges back.

You’ll want the best

Hiring Chad Lewin, a defense attorney, can help you get those charges dismissed. That’s excellent news, not just for you but for your family as well. If you need the help and legal expertise of a lawyer who knows the law inside and out and who’s going to do the best he can to stand up for you in court, then you’ve got no worries.

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