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6 Hiring Mistakes People Make When They Hire a Lawyer

By Peter Gregory on October 4, 2018

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Hiring a criminal defense lawyer isn’t easy. There are plenty of considerations you’ll need to factor in. To make sure you end up with the right one, here are a few common hiring mistakes you’ll want to sidestep. Read the rest »

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7 Qualities of an Excellent Lawyer

By Peter Gregory on October 3, 2018

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Choosing a good lawyer to defend you is a must. Read on for top tips on how to find the best possible one. Check out the following qualities you’ll want your legal counsel to have. Read the rest »

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5 Steps to Deal with Criminal Charges

By Peter Gregory on October 2, 2018

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Being charged with a crime is a daunting thought. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few steps to help you. Read the rest »

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5 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for Your DUI Case

By Peter Gregory on October 1, 2018

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If you’ve been charged with a DUI, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court, The Houston Chronicle says. Here’s why you need a lawyer. Read the rest »

How to Deal with DUI Charges

By Peter Gregory on August 9, 2018

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You’ve been charged with a DUI. And you’re wondering if you could get those charges to drop. While it is possible, it can be a difficult process.

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You’ve Been Charged with a DUI: What’s Next?

By Peter Gregory on August 8, 2018

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You’ve been driving under the influence, and you’ve just been caught by the police. If they’re charged you with a DUI, you may be wondering about what will happen next and what you can do to deal with the situation.

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4 Hiring Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Case

By Peter Gregory on August 7, 2018

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Choosing a lawyer is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make if you ever find yourself facing charges in court. Hiring mistakes, though, could cost you a lot. Check out the following examples of mistakes clients routinely make so you’ll know what to avoid.

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7 Factors to Consider When You Hire a Lawyer

By Peter Gregory on August 6, 2018

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The importance of hiring the right legal help cannot be overstated. If you need one, consider the following factors to help you check out prospective lawyers on your list.

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6 Ways to Deal with a DUI

By Peter Gregory on July 9, 2018

Blog 4

Dealing with a DUI? Don’t let it ruin your future. Read on to know what you need to do.

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5 Bad Decisions When You’re Faced with Criminal Charges

By Peter Gregory on July 8, 2018

Blog 3

Bad decisions could cost you. If you’re in trouble with the law and facing criminal charges, you’ll want to hire a good lawyer. Read on to know a couple of mistakes you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

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